Bits: 05.05.09

Kuechenmonument, an inflatable mobile sculpture/event space by Raumlabor Berlin.

• "Inflatable environments are undergoing something of a renaissance today." ROLU (Rosenlof/Lucas' blog) has the evidence. Plus, Life Without Buildings introduces us to Spacebuster, a mobile, inflatable structure designed to “transform public spaces of all kinds into points for community gathering.” Created by Raumlabor, which also came up with the inflatable balcony roof, Balkonbiennale.

• R.I.P.: Augusto Boal, political theater activist and founder of the Theatre of the Oppressed, has died at age 78.

Culture is encoded in the genome, according to new research on zebra finches.

• Sparky Campanella's "40 over 40": "Most women over forty are not happy with their bodies. The women in this series, who had the courage to be seen by a 4x5 camera, are no exception... Their discomfort at the scrutiny and judgment their bodies were likely to receive was offset by their determination to rise above it. Indeed the very act of showing up for a nude 4x5 portrait at any age over forty is itself a show of strength. "

Amazing shots of JR's exhibition
Women of Providencia, part of his 28 Millimetres project, at Casa Franca in Rio De Janeiro.

• Hamburg-based art historians Hans Kaufmann and Rita Wildegans argue that Vincent van Gogh didn't hack off his own ear; they think his friend Paul Gaugin lopped it off in a fight.

Digging up lemons for Claes Oldenburg.

• Listing three exhibitions of recycled/upcycled art, Rob Walker predicts art of re-use isn't a short-lived trend.

Vietnamese posters from the book,
“Vietnam Posters: the David Heather Collection”

• Following up last week's link about Warhol painting on an old Amiga, here's how David Hockney uses his iPhone in his painting practice.

• Photo: NASA's Terra satellite gets a shot of an ice bridge connecting part of Antarctica's Wilkins Ice Shelf breaking loose.

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