Video: Jeff Frost's stop-action interventions in Utah and California

Anaheim-based artist Jeff Frost says one of his favorite things to do is "roam the deserts in search of abandoned buildings." After one recent exploit, he came home with some 40,000 hi-res photos of the night sky and of his artistic interventions into vacant spaces in California and Utah. I emailed him recently about the resulting stop-action and time-lapse animation, which he says involves little or no enhancements. His reply to my questions:
It's all old school photography, painting, audio and video. I almost never use photoshop, and there is not a speck of CGI or graphics. In fact, I do most of my batch processing and color correction in Lightroom. I use all sorts of lights: headlights, taillights, flashlights of all shapes and sizes, camping lanterns, speedlites, and basically anything else that I can find. It's a real challenge to understand and color balance each light, but it's worth it to me to be able to interact with the scene. It's a bit like people waiving flashlights around in front of a camera on a long exposure, but taken to ridiculous, quasi-scientific lengths. I haven't used any projectors yet. The birds on the trees are absolutely real, they were lit by the moonlight,


Bradley Manning streetart

Army whistleblower Bradley Manning--who allegedly leaked classified documents to Wikileaks--faces arraignment on Feb. 23. Manning was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by three Icelandic parliamentarians early this month.

Via Vandalog.