#OWS subway art

The Subway Art Blog catalogs a few pieces of Occupy Wall Street art, including this culturejammed Chase subway poster, which now reads "Cheat Freedoom" and "OWS."


Centerpoints: Daily art-link roundup at the Walker

Before there was Bits here at Eyeteeth, I was doing Centerpoints, a daily(ish) roundup of arts links at the Walker Art Center. Now that I'm working there again, I've picked up where I left off. Check it out, willya?


Marx & Smith go to Occupy Wall Street

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, who's been shooting a video series called Baby Marx at the Walker Art Center, recently removed the program's key characters -- puppet versions of Karl Marx and Adam Smith -- from the exhibition for a trip to Occupy Wall Street. Curator Bartholomew Ryan writes that Reyes shot new segments for his ongoing series at the Financial District protests, with Marx interviewing protesters and Smith setting up the First Occupied Bank. The trip is a perfect fit for the project, which approaches the conflicts between Marxist and capitalist theories with alternating seriousness and humor. (Full disclosure: I work at the Walker with Bart.)

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