Let Jennifer Davis curate your Art-a-Whirl weekend

The Slow Mirror & the Metronome (top); Amy Rice's studio, flocked, detail of Studio on Fire's Artcrank poster

For once, artist Jennifer Davis is going to Minneapolis' Art-a-Whirl as an observer rather than a participant (unless you count her piece in the Artcrank poster show, linked below). As such, we asked her what she'll be seeing this weekend.

1. Location - Volume 1, Thorp Building
A release party for the first volume of this new quarterly publication of limited edition artists’ books featuring idea-based work in all media (edited and produced by Scott Nedrelow and Ruben Nusz).

2. flocked : a wallpaper project, Casket Arts Carriage House
Studio mates Nick Howard, Anna Tsantir and Vincent Murray invited 30 local artists to create prints, drawings and multimedia two dimensional works that will be combined to cover a 22’x10’ studio wall floor to ceiling. Featuring contributions by 30+ of everyone’s favorite local artists.

3. Amy Rice's pretty new studio, California Building
Artist Amy Rice has moved her studio from the Felt Factory building into a bigger, brighter space. She knows how to make a gallery go-er feel at home so I can’t wait to see what she has done with the place.

4. The Age of Aquarius, Fox Tax Gallery
An exhibition showcasing three young Twin City artists: Jesse Draxler, Katelyn Farstad and Josh Journey-Heinz. Fox Tax always has great art and great art parties.

5. NEMAA Silent Auction, Northrup King Building
View and bid on items donated by more than 100 NEMAA members including artwork and gift certificates. Proceeds from this event benefit NEMAA and what would Art-A-Whirl be without NEMAA?

I can’t stop. Here are some more things I am looking forward to:

* The Slow Mirror and The Metronome
, Mississippi River
All weekend behind the Sample Room. “…music/art on boats, rafts, and stages, on and around the banks of the Mississippi River.” Crazy! Full schedule here.

* Art-A-Whirl is your last chance to see the ArtCrank print and poster show. All weekend at Lure Design. Posters are only $30 each.

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