Let Taylor Carik curate your Art-a-Whirl weekend

SuperGroup (top), Location - Vol. 1, Sean Tubridy, Death of the Red Shoe

With Art-a-Whirl, Northeast Minneapolis' annual rite of spring, again upon us (May 14–16), Eyeteeth turns to locals in the know for a rundown of not-to-miss picks. First up, Flak Radio co-host, Mediation blogger and Zombie Pub Crawl co-founder Taylor Carik. He's also helping out with Shuga Records' Hoolie Fest, a 70-band music festival this Friday through Sunday.

1. Sean Tubridy, Northrup King Building #272
There's more and more screen printing happening at Art-a-Whirl, which I appreciate because I can't afford a lot of the art on display. However, much of the screen printing isn't that clever or stylistically attactive, one of the artists who does affordable, but interesting, work is Sean Tubridy.

2. "Location - Vol. 1," Thorp Building
I know Jennifer [Davis, who offers tomorrow's suggestions] also picked this, but Scott Nedrelow is one of my favorite artists, and this event looks great.

3. Blue Sky Galleries, Northrup King Building #295
Woodworking is almost the opposite of the trendy vibe of a lot of the attractive showings and hip parties happening during Art-a-Whirl weekend, but one of my annual favorites, Sky Blue Woodworking, features some incredible craftsmen who do intricate pieces that masquerade as home furnishings.

4. "SuperGroup at Art-a-Whirl" at Casket Arts
Physical performers SuperGroup, one of three experimental groups recently featured at the Southern Theater's "New Breed" show, will be doing an improvised performance of movement in the lobby of the Casket Arts Building. What's that look like? TBD, I guess, but there's a good chance they'll be wearing their fluorescent body suits.

5. Steve Ogdahl, Q.arma building B20
Aethetic Apparatus always has some stuff, and last fall I was really interested in the piece Ogdahl had on display. Hopefully his studio will be open for Art-a-Whirl for folks to stop on by.

6. "Death of the Red Shoe," Thorp Building
There's also a lot of fashion happening in studios and on the streets over the weekend, but if you only have time to check out one clothing-centric show, it's Kerry Riley's retrospective that evolves from dark beginnings towards a light ending at the Thorp Building.

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