Bits: 03.22.09

German artist Johan Lorbeer floats above the crowd at a Madrid train station (his leaning arm is fake, concealing a support structure connecting to the wall).

• Israeli arms manufacturer RAFAEL tries to sell "indigenous air systems" to India with a cheesy Bollywood-style video.

• The Walker's red-turned-yellow giant cherry is now green (temporarily).

• Improv Everywhere turns a Manhattan subway station into a temporary art gallery.

Video of a 1994 project at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, Calif., by Nina Katchadourian, Steven Matheson and Mark Tribe in which "50 professional and volunteer parking attendants directed the arriving cars to predetermined lots according to car color" -- nearly 3,500 cars in all.

• Pharrell William's suggestive "Perspective Chairs."

• Thousands of LED lights + night time + hundreds of sheep = art.

• A young Hunter S. Thompson plans his spectacular funeral.

• Shuga Records, opening this spring in the former Minnesota Center for Photography space gets a write-up in Finance & Commerce.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff, especially the sheep.