Bits: 03.17.09

Rirkrit Tiravanija's Less Oil More Courage on view in the Kunsthalle Fridericianum (Kassel) rotunda through June 21

• Andrei Molodkin, whose past sculptures have rendered Jesus and the word "Democracy" in liquid petroleum, is taking that idea a step further: He's developed a way to boil human corpses down into a "yellowish, sweet crude" oil, which he'll pour into clear molds to create sculpture. He's already got two volunteers, a BBC reporter and a French porn star. The latter wants to be turned into a sculptural depiction of praying hands. Molodkin's Oil Evolution is on view at New York's Daneyal Mahmood Gallery into April.

Meet Death, Detroit's long-defunct all-black punk band, which preceded Bad Brains by nearly five years. Listen to an mp3 of their frickin' amazing 1976 song "Politicians in My Eyes."

• In New Orleans, artist Mel Chin is enlisting kids to make "fundreds" of millions of dollars. The goal is to make three million of the symbolic bills -- equivalent to the number of real dollars needed to clean up the toxic lead in the city's soil. In the meantime, the bills are stored in a "safehouse," a home transformed into a symbolic bank. Listen to Studio 360's audio report. [via]

Lion in a sidecar! Plus more on 1930s motordomes.

• Your moment of AIG Guy in a Ché T-shirt.

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