Seeing pink elephants with the GOP

Is the GOP trying to capture the gay vote? Maxine, the plush elephant for sale ($35!) at the party's online store, would seem to suggest it. But Andy Birkey wonders if that's a good idea, since "seeing pink elephants" usually means... hallucinating. He adds:
The Simpsons have toyed with the idea of a pink elephant in a different way. In one episode of the TV cartoon series, a pink, elephant-shaped balloon floats into a Log Cabin Republicans meeting just as they are trying to decide on a new logo. "Something that says gay AND Republican?" asks an LCR member. The response? "A little on the nose, don't you think?"


Anonymous said...

> Is the GOP trying to capture the gay vote?

I'm sure you are not a homophobe, but you certainly sound like it. Do you really think a large enough majority of gay people have a fondness for *anything* pink to justify such lazy blogging?

Your blog's usually excellent, get back to it.

Paul Schmelzer said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, for pity's sake. Do your homework before you start bashing. The Pink Elephants is the name given to the women's coalition that was taken under the wing of the Republican National Committee back in 2004.

Paul Schmelzer said...

Oh for pity sake, have the courage to use your real name. And maybe have the good sense -- you along with Finisterre -- to discern my comments from the author's, one of the Twin Cities more popular gay bloggers and a friend. Finally, symbols can have multiple interpretations.