Behave around the Buddha

It took awhile to figure out this shot, taken in Ayutthaya, Thailand by Twin Cities journalist Maryn McKenna. A similar view of the sign here seems to suggest that clowning around when photographing thousand-year-old Buddha statues is frowned upon -- that is, when you come upon an ancient headless Buddha, don't stand behind it so it looks like you're the head of the enlightened one. (For more images of Ayutthaya, check out Maryn's Flickr set or World Heritage's 360-degree "panographrapies" of temples and reliquary towers in the former Siamese capital city.)

With that, we're off to LA, then to Thailand on Sunday. Look for updates here soon.

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Anonymous said...

Think you've got it ... unless, of course, it means, "Do not impersonate the head of the Buddha if you have a tragic 70s hairdo."

But thanks for the mention!