Cook Report: Coleman among Senate's "most vulnerable"

Speculation about the 2008 Senate race is already heating up, with pundits making guesses about the seat once occupied by Paul Wellstone and now filled by Norm Coleman. Both sides of the aisle seem heartened by the mid-term results: Wizbang Politics opines that “Tim Pawlenty beat back the Democratic tide here, and Norm Coleman should do the same in 2008,” while potential Democratic candidates like R.T. Rybak and Betty McCollum, apparently emboldened by Amy Klobuchar’s "smashing victory" over Mark Kennedy (in University of Minnesota political scientist Larry Jacobs' words), seem poised to add their names to Al Frankens’ on the likely-to-run list. But one highly influential pundit makes a dire prediction for Coleman: Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report, lists Coleman as one of two of the Senate’s “most vulnerable incumbents” (the other is Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu).

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Though it may seem unrelated, this post inspires me to share NICK Coleman's stinging Strib column last week about Target's hoped-for corporate welfare handout in Brooklyn Park (in case you missed it): http://www.startribune.com/357/story/811567.html