The Party of Joe.

There's one problem with "independent Democrat" Joe Lieberman's invented "Connecticut for Lieberman Party": it has no members--not even Lieberman.

Until now.

Fairfield University professor John Orman, noticing that Lieberman's party had no members and no platform, registered with the Secretary of State's office as its sole member. "Then I went home and called a meeting of all registered Connecticut for Lieberman members to reflect on our party's victory in the U.S. Senate race (and) organize and submit rules to the secretary of the state," Orman said. He nominated himself party chairman, seconded the nomination, won (by a landslide), and set out to establish the party's rules.

Formerly a Democrat (before turning Liebermanite), Orman says he wants to keep the senator accountable: "I'm just trying to get the ball rolling so the state will say if it is a legitimate party or not."

Someone in Fairfield, one "Fink Neal," has registered the URL connecticuitforlieberman.com. The banner atop the page: A Party of One.

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