Lo-fi metal map

I love this map of the Heavy Metal Family Tree. Via Mindgum.

And: Best line from the New York Times Magazine's profile of doomcore-trance band SUNN0)), by Greg Anderson, one half of the robe-wearing, fog-lurking metalhead duo that's been playing the Knitting Factory and the Walker: "Steve's the arty guy in the band. I'm the guy that likes to stay home and watch 'Seinfeld.'"

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking for timelines and trees like this. Others that i've found so far:
Styles of Jazz - a map
Template:Timeline Classical Composers Famous
or if you have a highbandwidth connection, this is a fascinating mind-map navigation for the history of electronic dance music.
(flash) Ishkur's guide to electronic music

non-musically, the best recent discovery (via kottke) was
(flash) Timeline of Trends and Events (1750 to 2100)