Weird wheels for the wheelchair-bound.

I'm always a bit suspicious of sites that claim to curate "cool," but The Cool Hunter seems to have delivered with a new product for eco-minded disabled drivers—the Hungarian-made Kenguru, a stylish, compact, electric car for wheelchair-bound drivers. Designed by Rehab Rt., the car was nominated for a 2005 INDEX Award. The coolest part:
The car’s interior space has no front seat—just a space built to house the driver’s own wheelchair so all he/she has to do is simply roll in through the extra large car doors and into position. The wheelchair locks into place, within easy reach of the car’s controls which are centred around a joystick.
WorldChanging has more.

(Thanks for the tip, Lisa.)

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wheelchair vans toronto said...

Wow.. I really want to shake the inventors hand and say 'Bravo'
this is something that will most definitely be in god use for the disabled. Plus why not let the handicap drive like this?! Its actually pretty neat! I truly believe that anyone would enjoy a luxury of such!