If art was a crime scene...

Officers at the NYPD are honing their police skills through an unusual medium: fine art. As this CBS News video reports, detectives in the department, with the help of curator Amy Herman, are analyzing masterworks in The Frick Collection to better suss suspects, analyze crime scenes, and improve their observational abilities. After their art appreciation session, they apply the skills to photos of NYC street scenes.

Morgan at the Walker applies the exercise to work that's more contempory than the Bellinis used by the NYPD. Like Jake and Dinos Chapman's Year Zero: "Juvenile delinquents! These youngsters are proud and defiant, and clearly in violation of public nudity statutes." Ironically, the sculpture was inspired by a crime scene—atrocities commited by Napoleon's armies during the occupation of Spain, as documented by Francisco de Goya in his Disasters of War etchings.

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It was extremely interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. BTW, why don't you change design :).