Kucinich and the family farm

I'm liking Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich more and more. Not only has he introduced a Resolution of Inquiry forcing the White House to substantiate it's claims of Iraq's WMDS ("The President led the nation to war, and spent at least $63 billion on that war, on the basis of these unfounded assertions.”), but he's also making corporate control of agriculture a campaign issue. Focusing on family farmers, he vows to break corporate farm monopolies by banning meat packers from also raising livestock. Other elements of his ag policy:

- Providing incentives for farmers to join collective bargaining units to deal with large agribusinesses.

- Labeling food that contains genetically modified ingredients.

- Focusing the Department of Agriculture on family farms, rural communities, the environment and consumers.

- Establishing new air and water quality protections.

- Investing federal money in rural schools, hospitals, libraries and parks.

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