Eggs: The final frontier for marketers?

Marketing seems to have weaseled into every nook and cranny, public or private, from billboards over urinals to Got Milk stickers on bananas at the supermarket, e-mail spam to cellphone text messages announcing Madonna's new concert tour. As BadAds reports, now even our ovoid proto-chicken friends are fair game for mini-billboards: Quebec-based Egg Ads Media has begun selling ad space on eggs. Get a load of their spiel:
Egg Ads Media offers you a cutting-edge visual contact solution aimed at increasing the spontaneous memorization of your brand.

The very symbol of the egg triggers positive associations, including health, simplicity, purity, speed, and versatility. Though we may be unaware of the impact, these common, everyday associations are known to attract and reassure the consumer, thereby promoting the spontaneous memorization of an advertisement message.
Uh. Right. They claim the distinguished ability of being able to apply polymer labels onto 100 million eggs a year. What unexplored frontier might marketers tackle next? Walnut shells?

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