Gandalf says: Vote No on the MN Marriage and Voter ID Amendments

This morning we took a "Walker Family Photo" with five or six dozen staffers and friends posed around some 100 "Vote No" signs in front of the museum. (For out-of-staters, Minnesota is voting today on an amendment to change the constitution to restrict marriage to only opposite-sex couples; the Walker has been vocal in its opposition to this measure.) Among those who joined us for our photo-op was Gandalf the Gray, who spent two or more hours--on his day off, he told me--toting a "You shall not pass" vote-no sign. Thanks to all who showed up and--more importantly--to those good Minnesotans who vote against the marriage amendment AND the voter-ID amendment on the ballot today.

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kaylene said...

I just drove by there a bit ago and saw him! Made my day!!