Bits: 07.06.11

Ben Venom, Don't Wake Me Lucifer!, quilt, 2010

• Heavy metal quilter Ben Venom, interviewed here, has a piece in Yerba Buena's exhibition BAN6, which opens in San Francisco Friday night. The SFAI grad says he was pondering a piece he was to make for a show in 2008 when, looking at all his metal shirts in his closet and recalling the exhibition of Gees Bend quilts he saw at the De Young, he had a catharsis: "So...I decided to combine the two: Metal and Quilts!"

• RIP Cy Twombly.

• So Minnesota's government has shut down. What's that mean for the arts?

PopTech finds a creepy work: "Kyle MacDonald created an app that snapped photos of people who were using computers in Apple’s retail locations in New York, and uploaded them to his site. He logically called the project, People Staring at Computers."

• PRI's The World created a nice audio-visual piece on AFP reporter
Rory Mulholland, who spent three weeks documenting anti-Qaddafi graffiti with his iPhone in Libya.

• Radiohead has joined China's largest microblogging platform, Sina Weibo.

• It's no Miss Rockaway Armada, but I've gotta hand it to anti-Scott Walker protesters in Wisconsin, who created a flotilla to bring their voices to Walker's home, the lakeside governor's mansion.

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