Nadia Plesner/Louis Vuitton copyright hearing moved to Apr. 20

Nadia Plesner, the Danish artist being sued for copyright infringement by Louis Vuitton for using a rendering of a handbag in her Darfur painting, writes in to say the first hearing on the case, originally scheduled for today in The Hague, was moved yesterday to the afternoon of April 20. She writes:
The reason is that last week we challenged the assigned judge since it was the same judge who gave the court order in the first place. We feel like he can not be impartial, since ruling in my favor would mean that he would have to admit making several severe mistakes.

So last Monday we had a court hearing about this and the three judges listened to us! They think there might be reason to assign a different judge and they scheduled a new hearing for this coming Monday. Then it will be decided who will judge my case on April 20.

It feels like a small victory that they even consider it.

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