KnittaPlease and Co. yarnbomb 99 trees at the Blanton Museum of Art

Back in January, Maya Sayeg -- one of the earliest "yarnbombers" -- made an open call for help covering the trunks of 99 trees at the University of Texas at Austin's Blanton Museum of Art with yarn. As part of the Blanton's show Recovering Beauty, the "Knitted Wonderland" installation -- installed Mar. 5 and on view through Mar. 18 -- drew some 170 volunteers, including these elementary schoolers who knitted tree cozy #48 using "Fibonacci sequenced stripes." The blog Sally Comes Unraveled goes through how the installation project went.

Sayeg and her knitting graffiti crew KnittaPlease have hit statues in Paris, door handles, a bus in Mexico City and, most recently a smart car in Rome. Similar guerrilla craft projects by others include knit street signs, cannon cozies and sweaters for statuary. While these projects tend to be done clandestinely, Knitted Wonderland was a communal effort, "reminiscent of American quilting bees," as the Blanton puts it.

Here's a pair photos of the project, taken by Mary Roland and courtesy of the Blanton (thanks, Kim!).

More photos here and at the project's Facebook page.

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