Bushwick mural: Overunder + No Touching Ground's "Helping Hand"

Overunder (Erik Burke) and No Touching Ground just finished a mural collaboration in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which includes a plea to donate to help the victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. The "helping hand" image is a blown-up shot of Burke's arm, which features a tattoo of a notepad, but there's an underlayer of paint beneath the wheatpaste. "That way, over time the piece would of course disintegrate, but also introduce a new mural," he writes.

There's another twist as well: "With everything that is happening in the world today it seemed only right to make an addition to the notepad for Japan. It's good to practice what you preach, so I woke up and donated to Red Cross this morning," Burke writes.

Burke collaborated on Minneapolis' Shuga Records mural, while No Touching Ground was behind the Seattle mural memorial to John T. Williams, a homeless Native American woodcarver shot to death by police last summer.

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Pay rent has made the list a couple days in a row.