Bits: 03.21.11

Volkswagenball, Lars-Erik Fisk (Thanks, NEZ.)

NYT: "A federal judge in Manhattan has ruled against the artist Richard Prince in a closely watched copyright case, finding that Mr. Prince – who is well known for appropriating imagery created by others – violated the law by using photographs from a book about Rastafarians to create a series of collages and paintings."

• Do this if you're Minnesotan: Take part in the State Arts Board's (quick) MN Arts Count.

• Jerry Saltz: "How a Joyride in Gavin Brown’s Volvo Became Art."

• Essay: "The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert an Unfair Economy."

David Lynch's hair as it approximates different painting styles.

Why Johnny Cash flipped the bird.

• The Second Coming, the billboard and the bus!

• Your moment of crocheted Cthulhu.

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