Bits: 03.13.11

• The Project Lodge, an art space in Madison, Wis., that's now showing SolidARTity, "got no submissions from artists aligned with Gov. Scott Walker or the Republicans," according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, prompting the question, "Where are all the great Republican artists?" (I asked a similar question over at Art21 in 2009, "Where's all the rightwing street art?")

• While creative protest signs at the ongoing pro-union demonstrations in Wisconsin have gone viral, there's a lot of great graphic design as well, including -- as I've noted before -- the work of Justseeds, which has a strong Milwaukee contingent. Artists in the cooperative have made a series of Wisconsin-themed posters, including Nicolas Lambert's (above), which are offered as his-res downloads on the group's site. A few more: "Union Made," "Make the Rich Pay," "General Strike." For more information on what's going on in Madison, visit DefendWisconsin.org.

• An inscription by Che Guevara in a book owned by Alberto Granado, who accompanied Che on his 8-month motorcycle tour of Cuba in 1951 and died this week at age 88: "My dreams shall know no bounds, at least until bullets decide otherwise. I'll be expecting you, sedentary gypsy, when the smell of gunpowder subsides. A hug for all of you. Che."

• Hyperallergic's Kyle Chayka on "Why Ai Weiwei’s NYC Zodiac Is a Political Gesture."

The second update from Broken Crow's Mexico City tour, plus a look at one of the Minneapolis stencil-art duo's Mexico murals.

• Minneapolis call for participation: Constellation: A Backyard Art Expedition is looking for artists and spaces for cultural events in garages, backyards, porches, etc., in South Minneapolis the weekend of May 27-29: "In addition to visual arts, we are imagining bands in back yards, performance, food, etc. A traveling dinner party with different courses at different houses. A bike tour during the day between the different locations. A swapping/trading post/free sale (since it’s high garage sale season). We imagine things taking place throughout the day and night, not just during regular art opening hours!"

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