Video: Godspeed You! Black Emperor v. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's fear-mongering over Egypt, set to an appropriately cinematic score.

Godspeed You Black Coffee!

H/t Jon Collins on Facebook.


Martin Olson said...

Wow is that creepster.

Your Mom said...

I feel like you were trying to convey Beck in a poor light. You didn't. While not well thought out (either Beck or your video) the dramatic music almost pulled me into siding with Beck when he made the points about World War 1 and how our reaction to Egypt is what we are "suppose to feel"... It was so long I found myself leaving it on for background music while I did work.

Paul Schmelzer said...

Heh. Right back atcha. Y'see, I wasn't trying to convey anything with the video because I didn't make it. I like Godspeed and dislike Beck, so I posted it.