Banksy, Futura 2000, KAWS have friends in LEGOland

Banksy LEGO Club ad for EyeteethStreet-art gets its due in an ad in LEGO's magazine, LEGO Club, where pieces by Banksy, Futura 2000, KAWS and Shepard Fairey mark the wall hopped by a fleeing jewel thief. Artist Jon Nelson, aka Escape Mechanism, sends in the image, which shows Fairey's iconic Obey image and Banky's Balloon Girl stencil. KAWS' tag is there too, along with that of Futura 2000, which appears to be lifted from this shot (pictured) taken by EPIC 1 on a wall of the Broadway 1 train line in 1973.

Fairey hasn't responded to my query about whether LEGO appropriated his work -- fitting, given the nature of what he does -- or whether it's an official collaboration. Nor could I find much about any of the other artists working with LEGO. The closest I could find is the same Banksy decal on a tiny Lego wall, a few LEGO-themed wall stencils attributed to Banksy, and this nice video of Futura 2000, shot by his daughter Tabatha, discussing his LEGO creations, including a city and a complex District 9-inspired "Alien Assault Rifle."



Unknown said...

excellent sir. I'm quite sure I have no idea about such things . . . but I'm not angry with any of it. and might I add; very nice job on your part finding that film my daughter shot; and giving her credit. thank you.
here's no or almost all of my LEGO madness. hahaha.



Paul Schmelzer said...

And thank you for stopping by, and for the link. It's an honor.