@MuseumNerd does Minneapolis

Experiencing the Twin Cities art scene with out-of-towners, as I did with the anonymous (and remarkably prolific) art tweeter @MuseumNerd a few weekends back, reminds me how good we've got it here. Today @MuseumNerd shares some of his/her best local museum moments with Secrets of the City, including a visit to see the Walker's profound and surprising live-performance installation by Eiko and Koma with me ("it was probably a religious experience for the non-religious visitors") and trips to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting, SOOVAC (now showing the work of 17-year-old artist Sarah Nakano), and elsewhere.

Check it out at Secrets of the City, which is doing some nice arts coverage under new owner Taylor Carik (disclosure: Taylor and I, who I met years ago when he emailed asking me to weigh in on this art-related topic, frequently drink beer together).

Thanks to Barry Hoggard of Culture Pundits for the intro to @MuseumNerd.

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