Bits: 12.06.10

Barilla Jacket, made from recycled packaging by Katell Gélébart of Art D'Eco Design

• The Association of Art Museum Directors' rebuke of the Smithsonian for censoring a David Wojnarowicz video work at the National Portrait Gallery -- the group blamed "unwarranted and uninformed censorship from politicians and other public figures, many of whom, by their own admission, have seen neither the exhibition as a whole or this specific work" for the removal of the work -- is at odds with a statement by Ford W. Bell, president of the American Association of Museum, who believes yanking the work was the right thing to do.

• Washington City Paper: "Two activists were detained by police on Saturday at the National Portrait Gallery after showing David Wojnarowicz's A Fire in My Belly on an iPad inside the museum. Both activists were ejected and subsequently banned for life from any Smithsonian Institution facility."

• Weak: The Smithsonian explains, "We removed [A Fire in My Belly] from the exhibition Nov. 30 because the attention it was receiving distracted from the overall exhibition, which includes works by American artists John Singer Sargent, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Annie Leibovitz and Georgia O’Keeffe."

• NYT critic Holland Cotter dubs filmmaker Peter Greenaway's multimedia Leonardo's Last Supper installation, on view at the Armory, a "big, expensive, technological-bells-and-whistles-to-the-max dud." You have until Jan. 6 to see how much it sucks. (I'm kidding, Mr. Greenaway, sir.)

• "T-shirts are the new galleries": Support Hyperallergic by buying one of these reader-designed shirts (congrats to designer Duncan Alexander).

• While not a new idea, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' Art ReMix program really works. My favorites from yesterday's visit: Thomas Struth's large-scale photo of the Köln Cathedral, featuring Gerhard Richter's pixelated stain-glass windows, atop the museum's grand staircase, and a Kehinde Wiley painting in the baroque room.

• Unfortunate stock photography of the day: CNN, in a story about same-sex marriage, included a Getty Images stock photo of anti-Prop 8 buttons, not noticing -- as one Redditor did -- an explicit image (NSFW) on one of the buttons. Now the story shows a recropped version of the shot.

Bill "Calvin & Hobbes" Watterson's college drawings.

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