Bits: 11.02.10

Danh Vo, No-Rat Box, gold foil on found cardboard, 2010 [via]

• Please, for the love of God, vote. It matters.

• Then head to the Walker Art Center. Admission is free all Election Day.

• As part of the just-opened SFMOMA exhibition Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870, Marie Sester's ACCESS is installed in the museum's atrium: Go online and use a "robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system" to follow museumgoers with light.

• NYT: “Because Obama’s presidency seems to many to not have lived up to its promise of a different, progressive way of doing things, people have perhaps pulled away from his font,” said Robert Arnow, a font designer in San Francisco. “For the most part, the fonts chosen by candidates do not take chances, but rather tend toward what’s been done the past.”

• Japanese-American dance legends Eiko and Koma are performing Naked naked in the Walker galleries, six days a week through Nov. 30. Here's the Star Tribune's writeup of it.

• Barcelona exhibition: Eugenio Merino: We Don't Need Another Hero, ADN Gallery, now on view.

Beautiful/Decay on Thomas Struth.

• A letter from John Lennon to the laundry: Yoko "does not sweat."

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