Rupert Murdoch's UK news outfit accused of voicemail hacking

Could Rupert Murdoch's other "journalistic" ventures be phone-hacking as well?

Journalistic ethics, Rupert Murdoch-style:
...AS OF THIS SUMMER, five people have filed lawsuits accusing News Group Newspapers, a division of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing empire that includes News of the World, of breaking into their voice mail. Additional cases are being prepared, including one seeking a judicial review of Scotland Yard’s handling of the investigation. The litigation is beginning to expose just how far the hacking went, something that Scotland Yard did not do. In fact, an examination based on police records, court documents and interviews with investigators and reporters shows that Britain’s revered police agency failed to pursue leads suggesting that one of the country’s most powerful newspapers was routinely listening in on its citizens...
Via @cmonstah.

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