Bits: 09.28.10

• Chicago's Brian Ulrich, interviewed here, provides photography (above) for the New York Times' look at how artists are part of a resurgence of hope in recession-era Detroit.

• PBS Art Beat looks at some of the 2010 MacArthur "genius grant" winners, including typographer Matthew Carter (who designed the Walker Art Center's iconic typeface, among many others), artists Jorge Pardo and "The Wire" co-creator David Simon. Here's the full winners list.

• Here in Minnesota, Lucinda Naylor, the Basilica of St. Mary's artist in residence the past 15 years, was suspended for criticizing the Catholic bishops' anti-gay marriage campaign, which involves sending "over a million" DVDs about the evils of same-sex unions to state Catholics. Her infraction: She invited people to send her DVDs to make into sculpture to counter a message of discrimination with one of "creativity and hope."

• Thomas Hirschhorn (who I interviewed back here) and Andrea Thal have been tapped to represent Switzerland at the 2011 Venice Biennale.

• Hyperallergic on the "Raam," the global currency of peace.

• Our favorite local art/design blog ROLU has launched a line of furniture. Check it out at Design Within Reach in Uptown (2939 Hennepin Avenue S., Minneapolis) between 5 and 8 Thursday night.

• Malcolm Gladwell on why the revolution won't be tweeted.

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sharyn morrow said...

Brian Ulrich's photos are making me want to visit Detroit!