Bits: 08.28.10

The Oikos Project's Jellyfish Theatre, London (during construction)

• "London’s first fully-functioning theatre made entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials," Jellyfish Theatre is "a unique mix of public-made art, architecture and performance that explores how a new sustainable society can flourish in a world altered by climate change." It debuted the new work Oikos on Thursday.

• NEA chair Rocco Landesman, in Minneapolis this past week, on how the arts can help us come out of recession.

• Seattle exhibition: Fort Branch: Zack Bent at Vermillion, closes Sept. 4. Via ABB. (Read my interview with Bent: part 1, part 2.)

• Film: Aric Mayer's Aesthetics of Catastrophe, the Short Film, about Hurricane Katrina. Via No Caption Needed. And The Big Picture remembers Katrina, five years later.

• Video: MN Original on Brock Davis (whose art I featured back here and here).

Anna Wintour is a rag-doll.

• Alec Soth on art and the internet: "I still like physical stuff. The pleasure of being a photographer is having an excuse to wander out into the world. I’ve come to think of the process as being like web-surfing in the real world."

• Prank du jour: Tardis on an MIT roof.

• Video: Norwegian journalist Paul Refsdal embedded with the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

• Jeff Koons transforms a CT Scanner room at a children's hospital.

• Koons' next project? John McCain and the devil.

• Your moment of meat-based desserts.

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