Bits: 08.13.10

From the series, "Desert Indoors," by Alvaro Sanchez-MontaƱes, featuring photos of abandoned homes near Namibia's deserted diamond mines. Via B/D.

• Trailer: The Tillman Story. This documentary about the U.S. government's cover-up of the friendly-fire killing of the NFL star and soldier just lost its bid to get its R rating reduced to PG-13, a designation that would help the film appeal to wider audiences. The reason: Language. When Tillman was being fired upon by U.S. soldiers, he shouted, "I'm Pat Fucking Tillman." The film opens in limited release on Aug. 20, with screenings starting nationwide Sept. 3.

• An "authentic" stencil of a caged canary allegedly by Banksy is up for sale on eBay. Asking price: $75K. Current bids: 0.

• Minneapolis exhibition: Discard: New Work by Dane Johnson, featuring paintings of non-winning lottery tickets by the Minneapolis native and LA resident, Aug. 13–Sept.2, XYandZ Gallery; opening tonight.

• Catching up with MNO: Two bits of note from TPT's Minnesota arts show MN Original: Eyeteeth pal and mixed-media artist Andy Ducett, and a brief segment on Minneapolis' graffiti artists Deuce 7 and crew.

Anna Garforth, of moss graffiti fame, gets Goldsworthy-esque with a "RETHINK" mural made of leaves.

Class Wargames presents: Guy Debord’s “The Game of War”

• I haven't it watched it yet, but apparently Minneapolis' Miles Mendenhall didn't win the Bravo "reality TV" show "Work of Art: America's Next Great Artist." Abdi Farah of Pennsylvania did.

• A Calvin and Hobbes search engine. Via DB.

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