Bits: 06.24.10

Julie Mehretu, Berliner-Plätze (detail); full-sized image

• Heart as Arena on artist Dread Scott's Tuesday performance in front of the NY Stock Exchange, where he burned money: "During the performance, a couple curious traders had come over to see the action. They seemed mildly amused. This was a joke, really. They obviously felt at home. After it was all over they went back inside for the afternoon and ushered the Dow down 148.89 points. Burn." Via Hyperallergic.

• Episode 2 of Bravo's "Work of Art" in animated-GIF form.

• Among the revelations in Tyler Green's series of interviews with retired photography curator Weston J. Naef on the Corcoran's Eedweard Muybridge exhibition, the belief that many works attributed to Muybridge weren't actually shot by him.

• A Q & A with Sam Wainwright Douglas, director of Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio, the late great architect whose work combined a commitment to the poor and to aesthetics. The documentary screens for free at the Walker on July 1.

• Calatrava reveals plans for new Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro.

• Artist Eine does the entire alphabet, one letter at a time, on London storefront shutters.

• Dubbing them "eyesores," New York's sanitation department says it plans on removing ghost bikes -- memorial bikes painted white and chained to posts near sites where cyclists have been killed by cars -- due to a "handful" of complaints. A public hearing on the topic is scheduled for July 20.

• "Replace ad space with graf space": Here's how to have your graffiti art projected across Europe via digital display.

• Minneapolis exhibition: Guillermo Kuitca: Everything —Paintings and Works on Paper, 1980-2008, opens Saturday at the Walker.

• New York gallery show: The Mass Ornament, curated by Minneapolis' John Rasmussen (Midway Contemporary Art) and including artist Jay Heikes, David Zink Yi, Gebi Sibony and others. June 25–August 13 at Gladstone on W. 24th.

A gallery of 18th-century Japanese monsters.

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