Bits: 05.20.10

Kim Sung Soo, Tour Bus, from the series "Magical Reality," via Conscientious

• Provisions Library has the powerful trailer for JR's new film, Women Are Heroes, about this anonymous artist's large-scale global project underlining "the dignity of women who are often the targets of conflicts.” Says JR in the trailer: "They all wanted to share their stories, that their story travels. When you hear the stories, you're like, 'Whoa, maybe the person is dying inside.' But then when you ask her to do her faces, then you can see life. And then I say, 'I'm going to paste the photo back in your city so everybody can see. For you and the people here."

• The Walker Art Center is cutting its budget by 8 percent and its staff by 9 people.

• Street artist Poster Boy has been sentenced to 11 months at Rikers Island, prompting supporters to launch a Free Poster Boy page on Facebook.

• A lone thief swiped five paintings by the likes of Braque, Modigliani and Picasso at the Paris Museum of Modern Art last night. Police estimated the work's value at $613 million.

• With parts of Bangkok burning, a sculpture by Indian artist Ravinder Reddy remains unscathed.

• Who knew? The Indianapolis Museum of Art keeps bees? Via @justinph.

• Video: Artist Steve "ESPO" Powers, whose Love Letter for You project is shown here, gives his life story at the recent PSFK Conference in New York. Via TWBE.

• Here's the letter Bill Watterson sent to newspapers when he decided to stop producing Calvin & Hobbes.

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