Bits: 05.03.10

cheap art manifesto
Bread and Puppet's Cheap Art Manifesto, 1984, via This Is A Map

• California-based art fabricator Carlson & Co. -- known for projects with Doug Aiken, Jeff Koons, Charles Ray and others -- is shutting down after 30 years due to the economic downturn.

• Video: Departing Walker curator Peter Eleey discusses Hannah Wilke's The Intra-Venus Tapes, a powerful multi-channel video installation that recorded her daily life as she lived with lymphoma (which ultimately killed her).

• Os Gemeos, who sometimes blog at 12ozPROPHET, now have a blog of their own.

• New York exhibition: South African Projections: Films by William Kentridge at the Jewish Museum, through Sept. 19.

• Francis Ford Coppola's letter, on lined paper, inquiring whether Lee Marvin would be interested in play Kurtz (then named Karnage) in Apocalypse Now. Via The Silver Lining.

• Jenny Holzer on the prevalence of her work: "When my daughter was young, she thought all electronic signs were mine."

• Design Observer on design thinking and the U.S. military.

• Video: Up There, a documentary about the last of New York's hand-painted billboard creators.

A map of Europe/portrait of Marge Simpson.

• Your moment of Bill Murray reading poetry to construction workers. Via The Daily What.

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