Amateur video of the BP oil spill: "The Gulf appears to be bleeding"

Alabama resident John Wathen and pilot Tom Hutchins flew over the Gulf oil spill and got amateur video of the spill, which he says is worse than BP admits:
I'll never forget the scene... Nothing but a red mass of floating goo. It could've been prevented and should've been prevented... For the first time in my environmental career, I find myself using the word 'hopeless.' We can't stop this. There's no way to prevent this from hitting our shoreline... The Gulf appears to be bleeding...
Also: How big is the BP/Deepwater Horizon spill?



The video from above was a pirated copy of my work and was removed by me. I am the owner of the original
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Anonymous said...

Lame. It may end up being one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time, and you send a takedown order to someone trying to get the word out? A good question: How does John Wathen stand to profit from this?

Paul Schmelzer said...

Thanks for letting me know. I swapped out the video.