Stephen Colbert won't sign "Paul Schmelzer"

My world's all topsy-turvy: Michele Bachmann, the conservative Congress member whose values are almost entirely divergent from my own, agreed to sign my name as part of my Signifier/Signed project, but Stephen Colbert, whose entire television persona hinges on borrowing the characteristics of others (namely, O'Reilly-esque conservatives not unlike Bachmann) won't.

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justinph said...

He signed a blank letter, with a field for his signature?

I dunno, I think that's totally fitting for his persona. He's an even bigger asshole than O'Reilly

Paul Schmelzer said...

Yeah, if you look, the blank is where he's supposed to fill in the DATE not his name. I didn't want to require people to give an autograph as well, so I figured a date line could stand in as some kind of verifier.