Berlin street gets Pollocked

Photos by Loso, used with permission

Last Sunday, Berlin's Rosenthaler Platz was hit by a guerrilla paint splatterer: Gallons of pink, blue and yellow paint were tossed in an intersection in Mitte to be spread around by walkers, bikes and cars. No word whether it's street-art or a marketing campaign. Polkadot has two reasons why that could be:
a) “Some” suspicious “looking onlookers with larger cameras,” b) the choice of location (from the window of your favorite cafes in the digital Bhoème St. Oberholz can see the intersection and blogging the event almost live), c) fact that “only” indelible paint was used, d) there was no outing of an artist, and e) the similar campaigns by Sony (Bravia) and BMW.
While the Bravia ad does share similarities, the closer match is BMW's ad featuring artist Robin Rhode painting with a Z4. Photos by Loso.

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