Bits: 03.23.10

A sheet of stamps from Steve McQueen's Queen and Country

• Artist Steve McQueen, who for years has been trying to get create postage stamps honoring 160 British soldiers killed in Iraq, has hit a wall: the Royal Mail refuses to make the stamps. His Queen and Country is on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London until July 18.

• Trailer: The Dhamma Brothers, a documentary about a Vipassana meditation program at one of Alabama's most dangerous prisons. Via @brookpete

• Minneapolis exhibition: The Sylvan Screen: Richard Barlow and Regan Golden at Bethel University closes Mar. 28. Don't miss more of Barlow's "Covers" series.

Redesigned: the Walker Channel, now with HD video, captions, transcripts and better searching for Walker Art Center events.

• Trailer for the probably-not-to-be-made biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Big Love) as the weird one.

• Jason Kottke: "I didn't know it until just now, but I had been waiting all my life to watch a short film featuring Werner Herzog voicing a plastic shopping bag."

• Sincere thanks to all who linked to my interview with Izabella Demavlys about her portraits of Pakistani acid-burn victims: Joerg Colberg, Utne Reader and Utne on Tumbr, Secrets of the City, METRO Magazine, RESPECT, and all those who have tweeted, retweeted and reTumbled. Thanks for spreading the word.

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