Bits: 03.16.10

Rooster, by Jennifer Davis

• Rest in Peace, civil right–era photographer Charles Moore. Watch the aptly titled documentary on this white, Montgomery native's career: I Fight With My Camera. Via Art Beat.

• Minneapolis exhibition: Spree, a solo show of paintings and drawings by Jennifer Davis, opening Mar. 27 at First Amendment Arts.

• Video: Mono Lake (1968–2004), a road trip movie, of sorts, by Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt and Michael Heizer.

• He may have lost his jaw and his ability to speak, but Roger Ebert hasn't lost his voice: in a new column, he sticks it to Glenn Beck for saying his viewers should leave churches that preach about social and economic justice.

• Better Matters shows off some flattering street stencils.

Happy St. Urho's Day!

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rkjd said...

i just noticed that heizer/holt/smithson flick too. the opening credits are so fiery!