Bits: 03.12.10

Nina Katchadourian, Shark Journal (2001), from the series "Sorted Books"

• The artists behind the artists: Art:21 interviews several of Julie Mehretu's studio assistants, while the Walker shows the installation -- and installers -- of its new Abstract Resistance show.

• Apparently, Gavin Brown's kid, Max, -- who points out that he was painted by Elizabeth Peyton, a friend of the family -- is on Reddit.

• Speaking of Brown, he's hosting the first solo show of artist Nick Relph, now through Apr. 3. Matt Olson at ROLU takes a look.

• Books that caught my eye: Rizzoli's Performing/Guzzling: Kim Gordon; Princeton Architectural Press' Interactive Architecture and Bioreboot.

• Minneapolis exhibitions:
Allen Brewer / if not it, then what?, opens tonight at the Burnet Art Gallery at Chambers. Mike Perry: Lost in the Discovery of What Shapes the Mind, opens Mar. 26 at the MCAD Gallery.

Congrats to Joy Garnett on 10 years of NewsGrist. Always looked up to her and saw -- and see -- her as a kindred spirit.

• As the U.S. Post Office issues stamps paying homage to abstract expressionists including Rothko, Motherwell, de Kooning and others, it's probably a good time to remember advice from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Please Don't Lick the Art.

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