Bits: 01.22.10

Adi Nes, Untitled (Boys 7), 2000, via I Heart My Art

• Artist Andrea Zittel discusses 100 Acres, a "habitable island" she's building in Indiana that'll have temporary residents the next few summers. Fitting the theme, on Zittel's favorite-books list is The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaro Emotu, which examines how thought can affect water molecules.

• Via C-Monster, something we midwesterners hear all the time: the space-age sounds of frozen lakes. (You might hear 'em if you head to Art Shanty Projects, now through Feb. 7 on Medicine Lake.)

• Jeffrey Deitch's last show at his New York Gallery, before shutting it down to become director of LACMA, is a Shepard Fairey solo exhibition. Fairey recently discussed his copyright battle with the AP -- and lying about the source for his Obama posters -- for the series Brave New Conversations.

• Via Fimoculous, online video of three episodes of Andy Warhol's early '80s cable TV shows.

• The Tate has purchased eight William Blake etchings that were unearthed in a box of used books in the '70s.

• The Vancouver Art Gallery is hosting three off-site projects for the Olympics, including a giant mural by Michael Lin and, by Ken Lum, three scale replicas of squatter’s shacks from Maplewood Mudflats settlement in North Vancouver.

Homelessness is très chic... according to Vivienne Westwood, at least.

• The Banksy-produced documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop debuts at Sundance on Sunday.

• Mashup: Wu Tang v. The Beatles = Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers.

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Nassassin said...

During the High Grunge era in Seattle, we had a game called "Hip or homeless?" where you had to ID people you saw on the street. It could be surprisingly challenging.