Bits: 01.04.10

World's longest graffiti? Via Torontoist.

• Curator: That's one of the top 50 jobs of 2010, according to U.S. News & World Report. But don't expect big bucks: only the top 10 percent of museum curators make over $83,000 a year. Via Unbeige.

• Speaking of curators, here's your chance to stump some: Submit questions to the Walker Art Center by Wednesday, then show up Thursday for The Inquisition, an art quiz show of sorts, to see if curators or community members know the answers.

• Probably not making the top-jobs list: gallery monitors, guards and docents.

• Chicago exhibition: Photographer Anna Shteynshleyger's portraits of members of the Orthodox Jewish community at The Renaissance Society through Feb. 14.

Forty UK museum face budget cuts because all the money's being funneled to the 2012 Olympics, reports the Independent (via Hyperallergic).

• News you can use: how to spot genetically modified food at the grocery story. (Via TWBE.)

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