Avatar: $500 million and the best font they can afford is Papyrus?

Artnet tweets:
Best "Avatar" critique: a $500-mil budget and they chose “Papyrus” as their font?
My thought exactly (except for the "best critique" part: I'd save that for musings on race and gender in the film). But one entity thrilled by it is "Papyrus" itself -- actually, the site Pr*tty Sh*tty -- which wrote fanmail to director James Cameron. An excerpt:
Goodness knows I’ve worked hard the past 26 years to make a name for myself. And it’s felt great coming to the aid of New Age spa owners, suburban party planners, and young couples looking to save money by making their own wedding invitations. But only now, by appearing in your movie, have I been given mainstream, high-level recognition as a serious typeface. And for that, I thank you.

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