Bits: 11.16.09

Artists displaced by wealthy urbanites in 1921 Greenwich Village. New York Times via Bloggy.

• Krzysztof Wodiczko describes his ICA Boston exhibition, …OUT OF HERE: The Veterans Project, an immersive soundscape based on soldiers' experiences of attacks in Iraq: “It could be an interior of a soldier who came back from war and who is re-living, remembering, recalling some scenes and moments — perhaps similar to the one that I’m trying to create." Listen to WBUR's segment on the installation.

• "Burning Man Obama," by Chinese artist Liu Bolin. Here's a Reuters video story on it.

• Billboard intervention by mob ster: "GO GO GO / WORK WORK WORK / PRODUCE PRODUCE PRODUCE."

• The Walker and eight other museums are in the early stages of figuring out how to give visitors "prodigious [online] access to artists’ works in the permanent collections," thanks to a new Getty grant.

• Anyone got a parlor I can borrow? Guessing who forked over $43.7 million for Warhol's 200 One Dollar Bills is "becoming something of a parlor game," the Times tells us.

• Minnesota-based cryptographer Bruce Schneier to get his own action figure.

The Detroit Institute of Arts in LEGOS.

Work at McDonald's Gitmo!

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