RIP Nancy Spero

Gallerist Edward Winkleman reports that feminist artist Nancy Spero died at NYU Hospital Sunday morning at age 83, and while the mainstream media hasn't yet confirmed, her Wikipedia page now shows yesterday as her death date. A dogged antiwar activist, she was married to artist Leon Golub, who died in 2004. I've always admired Spero's constant interrogation of modern society -- not to mention the male-dominated New York art scene -- and her unswerving dedication to a personal vision often at odds with mainstream culture and, certainly, market-driven trends in art. More than her art, it's her example of a steely knowledge of self that I most respect.

Condolences to her family and friends.

Watch Spero's segment on Art:21.

Update: The New York Times' obituary.


agent mule said...

that is sad news indeed

Adam I Zucker said...

I have been researching the New York School and painters like Leon Golub and Nancy Spero. Nancy was a painters painter and one of the most important expressionists their is. Through her artwork you really get to see Spero's identity and her personal vision is honest and dedicated to her knowledge and self respect.