Bits: 10.16.09

Striped icebergs, which Inhabitat says are legit.

• As Utne introduces us to sound artist Diego Stocco's video "Music from a Tree," Matt Olson at ROLU points out a fascinating piece about the installation of Bruce Nauman's Microphone/Tree Piece (and other Nauman audio works) at the Walker.

Nominate a "keeper": Metro Magazine is looking for artists of all disciplines to feature in its January issue. The twist: Nominate someone you like so much you don't want them to move off to New York or LA (hence, the "Keepers" name). In addition to good ink, the winner gets a party in their honor and a trophy designed by 2009 Keeper winner
Andrea Stanislav.

• Call for media artists: Artists on the Verge is open to Minnesota-based artists working at the intersection of art, technology and digital culture; five winners -- who'll participate in a nine-month residency that culminates in the Spark Festival in Oct. 2010 -- will receive $5,000 as well as technical support and mentorship. Deadline: Nov. 16.

• Already a meaningless measure, ArtReview's "Power 100" list just got even worse -- with the addition of Glenn Beck at number 100.

• A jab at contemporary art marketing, Nika Oblak and Primoz's self-promotional billboard has a catch: installed in a remote Welsh forest, it features the art duo along with the headline "Recommended by curators worldwide." Via the Post Family.

• "Sorry I'm Late," Tomas Mankovsky's stop-action video was shot with a still camera mounted to the ceiling as the story plays out on the floor (don't miss the end credits to see how it was done).

• "
Cutaway diagrams showing the anatomy of 85 traditional monsters from Japanese folklore."

NYT on pop-up galleries not unlike one we recently saw here.

• A 1617 painting by Brueghel "appears to show a Keplerian-style telescope in a painting dating from 15 years before this design was thought to have been built," MIT reports. Via Bad at Sports.

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