Bits: 09.14.09

Looking at "how we value labor," Yumi Janairo Roth's carved pallets are often intricately detailed or inlaid with mother of pearl. Detail here. Via Gala Bent.

• They hate us for our design: In July, Homeland Security dismantled a sign at the U.S./Canada border, designed by Pentagram, out of fear the 21-foot name "United States" would be a target for terrorists. Designer Michael Bierut tells Ellen Lupton that the design team figured there could be nothing more neutral than the name of the country you're entering. He adds:
By the way, if you're looking for potentially provocative messages that our country shoves in people's faces at border crossings, I'd call your attention to one of my least favorite recent designs, the design of the new U.S. passport. It's filled with eagles, flags, passages from historic documents and aphorisms that may be heartfelt statements of patriotism, but they are absolutely anything but neutral.
• David Byrne imagines elements of the perfect city, citing Minneapolis' lakefront bike paths and Berlin's bustling Karl Marx Allee.

Princess Hijab is back and getting drippy a la Zevs.

• Artist wins $15,000 in New Zealand for work made out of the detritus of other contest entries.

• Video of Andrew Meyer's wood-and-papier mache hand-cranked automaton, Don't Tase Me, Bro.

• Steve (ESPO) Powers writes 50 giant love letters to Philly. Official site.

Reimagining the public pissoir.

• Hey New Yorkers: The Yes Men are looking for participants in a "GIANT, extremely FUN, potentially WORLD-FIXING shenanigans on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21."

My favorite musical YouTube video in ages (NSFW: cussing).

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