Obama/Joker: Legit rightwing street art?

A few months back, I asked: Where's all the rightwing street-art? Hrag Vartanian may have found an example in Los Angeles. Although this feels like the work of a rightwing advocacy group rather than a bona fide conservative street-artist. Any guesses who's behind it?


Andrew Osbornespoli said...

I actually saw this as the footer on some right-wing blog yesterday. I didn't actually twig it was Obama.

I communicates pretty poorly.

Anonymous said...

this art was created by the artist edward przydzial a art instructor from los angeles ca. he posted these all over the los angeles area and it went virul on the internet. the lies are some hack named firas claims he created it but i was a former student of edward... i saw him create these, print them and i helped post them up on freeway exits myself at 3 am in the morning before obama was elected... just so people know the wiki page about firas is a fraud and all the media have allowed him to plagiarize this design... firas did NOT design this poster and had nothing to do with it appearing all over the city of los angeles.