Consumerism's albatross: Chris Jordan travels to Midway Island

Next month photographer Chris Jordan and a team of artists are heading to Midway Island, in the middle of the Pacific "garbage patch." There, albatross are dying off because the birds mistake floating debris for food. Follow their progress here, and donate some cash by emailing midwayjourney at gmail.com.

Mindfully.org runs this shocking photo of the carcass of a bird, obviously killed by consuming bottle caps and filth.

And Shifting Baselines gets more (and less) graphic with this display of the contents of a single Midway albatross' stomach:

Via Jen Graves.


Unknown said...

Seeing all these bird's remains full of plastic really shocks me & drives home the reality of the damage that overuse of throwaway plastic causes. Everyone on this planet needs to see this!
Peace to all,
Marie Heerkens

Unknown said...

It 's a terrible thing! ..